Rob Zombie Turns to Fans for ‘American Band’ Video (на англ.)

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Rob Zombie Turns to Fans for ‘American Band’ Video (на англ.)

Сообщение kosa » 02 май 2014, 14:08

Rob Zombie Turns to Fans for ‘American Band’ Video (на англ.)

Grand Funk Railroad created one of the great all-time rockers with ‘We’re an American Band,’ and these days Rob Zombie is giving the song a new spin. To help celebrate the rock classic, Zombie has created a new promotion for his cover that will incorporate the fans. He’s currently asking for video submissions of fans rocking out to his version of ‘American Band’ and the footage will be turned into a fan video for the track.

In a posting announcing the video promotion, it states: “Calling all rocking Americans. We want singers, bands, cheerleaders, athletes, hard-working, hard-drinking, hard-rocking people! Send us videos of you rocking out to Rob Zombie’s cover of ‘American Band.’ Your submission just might end up in a special fan version of the ‘American Band’ video created by Rob Zombie.”

The ‘Share the Venom‘ website provides those wishing to participate with an entry form and even offers a section for uploading racy clips that might not make it past YouTube’s censors. Get started here.

‘American Band’ is featured on Rob Zombie’s latest album, ‘Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor.’ The disc is in stores now and Zombie can be seen playing material from the disc this summer while co-headlining the 2013 Mayhem Festival.
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